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Journey of a Postcard
Victorian Curriculum Level F-4

Students will be able to design their own postcard about their visit to the Skydeck and send them from the highest post box on the 88th floor. *Stamps not included.

I Spy
Victorian Curriculum Level F-6

Students have to find an object or place starting with each individual letter of the Alphabet.

I Spy Teachers Notes.pdf
I Spy Activity Sheet.pdf

How we move!
Victorian Curriculum Level F-2

Students investigate the types of transport people use around Melbourne’s CBD.

How we move! Teachers Notes.pdf
How we move! Activity Sheet.pdf


Explore Melbourne
Victorian Curriculum Level 7-Tertiary

Suitable for new arrivals or those on study tours – international students are invited to learn about the City of Melbourne.

Explore Melbourne Teachers Notes.pdf
Explore Melbourne Activity Sheet.pdf

Mapping Melbourne
Victorian Curriculum Level 7-10

Students use their geospatial skills to identify Melbourne’s landmarks by annotating a city map.

Mapping Melbourne Teachers Notes.pdf
Mapping Melbourne Activity Sheet.pdf

Estimation at Eureka Skydeck
Victorian Curriculum Level 5-8

Students use different facts about the Eureka Skydeck discovered whilst on school excursion to complete estimation activities.

Estimation at Eureka Skydeck Teachers Notes.pdf
Estimation at Eureka Skydeck Activity Sheet.pdf

The Edge Facts
Victorian Curriculum Level 6-8

Students use their knowledge on area, volume and capacity to complete maths activities about the Edge.

The Edge Facts Teachers Notes.pdf
The Edge Facts Activity Sheet.pdf

Great Melbourne Race
Victorian Curriculum Level 7-10

This fun and exciting program gets students to navigate, problem solve and complete team challenges around Melbourne’s CBD. Starting at the highest public vantage point in the southern hemisphere this activity encourages communication, planning strategies, team-work and collaboration.

Great Race Teachers Notes.pdf
Great Race Activity Sheet.pdf

Distances of Melbourne Landmarks
Victorian Curriculum Levels 9-10

This program allows students to estimate, measure and compare angles using degrees. Students will use an angle measurer to find distances to Melbourne’s landmarks from the Eureka Skydeck.

Distances of Melbourne Teachers Notes.pdf
Distances of Melbourne Activity Sheet.pdf

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