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Excite the Kids!

Excite the kids!

Six ways for kids to make the most of Melbourne Skydeck

  1. A bird’s eye view – upon entry, kids will discover the new Augmented Reality (AR) Table – a 3D fully scaled model of Melbourne using AR technology to witness the development of Melbourne through the various epochs of time. Challenge them to find and identify landmarks and watch as they learn about Melbourne’s development from Dinosaurs to its Indigenous heritage, the first settlers and futuristic plans.
  2. Voyager Theatre – children will love this sensory experience when they strap themselves in for an 11-minute journey through Melbourne and beyond with all the accompanying sights, sounds, movement and even scents!
  3. Do they dare to walk the Plank? With VR headset on, watch them face their fears as they “walk” along a narrow plank projecting out from Melbourne Skydeck. Will they be able to put mind over matter and make it to the end before descending to city parklands via an exciting zipline ride?
  4. Live life on The Edge – not one for the fainthearted, The Edge is a transparent glass cube that projects from the side of Melbourne Skydeck, 88 floors up, suspending those inside 285 metres above the streets of Melbourne. A thrill and some serious bragging rights for those kids who dare.
  5. Technology that suspends belief – watch the kids duck for cover from a comet or do a double-take as they spot a UFO from the window of Melbourne Skydeck. Various augmented reality “tricks” await to surprise and suspend belief.
  6. Melbourne Skydeck App Challenge – unlock a world of discovery with the Melbourne Skydeck App. Strategically positioned throughout Melbourne Skydeck are 31 markers. Search, scan and seek them out to discover various landmarks and more – all in 3-D. Collect all 31 markers and show your collection to our team in the retail store to collect your free Melbourne Skydeck branded gift!
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