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Voyager Theatre

Become part of the stories of Melbourne with an exceptional VR experience unrivalled in the Southern Hemisphere.

The first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, and largest of its kind in the world, the Melbourne Skydeck Voyager™ Theatre features 24 award-winning Positron Voyager virtual reality ‘pod’ chairs that take guests on an immersive journey of discovery through 16 iconic Melbourne experiences.

Brace yourself for this 360-degree cinematic, immersive, and sensory voyage, discovering Melbourne’s festivals, laneways, Yarra River, sporting events and Victoria’s stunning scenery experiencing Super 8K high-definition and 6-D sensations.

Feel the exhilaration of riding the Scenic Railway wooden roller coaster at Luna Park and the thunderous hooves of the horses racing towards the Melbourne Cup finish line, cheer on from VIP courtside seating at the Australian Open tennis action.

With a bespoke soundtrack created by local music legends Felix Riebl and Ollie McGill of The Cat Empire, this 11-minute journey is sure to awaken the senses and deliver you right into the heart of Victoria.

Voyager®, made by Positron, is the first chair designed specifically for fully immersive cinematic VR. From its gleaming, futuristic shell to its plush, lounge-style seat, Voyager® is precision engineered to take your VR viewing experience to the next level, with a range of premium features.


Push the boundaries of thrill-seeking when you step into the Edge.

Push the boundaries of thrill-seeking when you step into the Edge.

A world-first, the Edge suspends daring guests in a transparent glass cube that projects out from Melbourne Skydeck, leaving them suspended nearly 300 metres above the streets of Melbourne.

Challenge your friends, face your fears, or execute an unforgettable proposal.

You’ll want to capture this moment with a photo for posterity or for the ‘Gram’ with our photo package for just $19.50.


A renewed virtual reality Plank Experience

Plank is so compelling it convinces even the bravest contenders they’re balancing on a narrow plank at dizzying heights above Melbourne.

With two feet firmly planted on the ground, feel the slight wobble of the thin Plank and with your VR headset on, feel the excitement as you’re transported 285 metres above Melbourne city. Edge your way slowly along the Plank – watch out for those pesky pigeons and try not to fall – before taking the plunge and ‘ziplining’ through the parks and streets of Melbourne.

A bewildering challenge for children and adults alike, this VR experience demands those who dare put mind over matter to conquer the Plank!

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